Pablo Fierro (Curantina Streaming Vol 1)

5 junio, 2020 - videostreaming

My last place that I visited before this pandemic was Uganda, I met the Batwa tribe, they live in the Impenetrable Forest of Bwindi, where I was able to meet gorillas in their wild state. The project activities are all based on tourist visits.
Due to this situation of #COVID19 pandemic which has been a major setback to every activity in Uganda and the whole world, there are no tourist, so the project has been trying really hard to make sure that these people get what to eat during these hard times.

Batwa Empowerment Village and Empowerment Center is a non-profit organization, Skilling and Empowering more than 30% of the forgotten Forest Dwellers left un-resettled following the official eviction from Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in the year 1991 for purposes of conservation & protection of Mountain Gorillas.
The resettlement scheme started, with 30% of the remaining indigenous Batwa and a few months later programs to empower Batwa through sewing and tailoring, agriculture, Crafts and Baskets weaving, adult learning, sensitisation and cultural preservation.

As a result, we are calling upon all our friends who have visited and those who haven’t visited to help us go through this unprecedented and difficult times.

Save a life or two by donating any penny that you can afford for the safety of the Batwa tribe of people in Uganda, for them it will be a lot!

#bebatwa Together We can!



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